The #mrx industry is a key player in the insight business. Insights are generated from a wide array of tools and methods using innovative technology and adopting new skills. The challenge for the industry is to generate significant, innovative and actionable insights. This means incorporating new ways of demonstrating value and integrating insights into the business process. How this is done will be the core theme of the conference.

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Quotes from #netGain10 speakers

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"Wake up or Die" (Corrine Sandler)

"I see the industry segmenting into Tech Providers (including DIY and field services), Insight Consultancies, and Niche Providers (Neuromarketing, Advanced Analytics & Modeling, etc..). The vast majority of the current MR supplier space is already working to reposition themselves as Insight Consultancies, and failing due to their commodity positioning with clients." (Lenny Murphy)

"The truly transformational part of marketing in a digital age is that brands can now become Media, attracting their own audiences. The transformation follows what I call the A.T.O.M. model…Audience, Technology, Operating practice, Metrics." (Joel Rubinson)

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"I argue instead that the key measure of success for market research in general and future talent in specific will be the ability to integrate the data from all of these and other methods into actionable business insight. " (Stephen Popiel)

"So now that we know that social media data are truly DATA…with predictive value, how do we act on this?" (Joel Rubinson)

"People talk a lot about 'the future'. But look around you and you will see the future is already here. There are global economic challenges, challenges to traditional MR, new technologies, new players, companies growing from strength to strength and, sadly, companies struggling. Our challenge is to know what to do about it."
(Dan Foreman)

"We must recognize that we no longer have the monopoly on information, and will face increasing competition for both our data collection and interpretation services … to paraphrase Darwin: Adapt or die."

"There is a war going on and if you're not aware of it, you're likely to become a casualty. Believe it or not, your business is in a state of siege, under attack from external hostiles, tensions, and conflict. If you allow yourself to become complacent, you're risking death. Today's competitive and very volatile business environment is truly a battleground. Only the exceptionally smart will survive…" Corrine Sandler

"Launching a traditional boutique MR firm in this climate would be slow financial suicide. To be successful in the future MR firms must have some combination of either true strategic consulting bench strength, proprietary and cutting edge technology offerings or a unique use of existing technology, and recurring revenue streams via highly desired and critically useful products or services." (Lenny Murphy)

"The innovation funnel is full if not overflowing, but other than a few home runs like mobile and communities, not much is filtering down to the mainstream (forgive the mixed metaphor).One reason for that, I believe, is that many of these innovations are being driven by entrepreneurs from outside of MR whose main focus is the technologies themselves, rather than a clear understanding of clients' unmet needs." (Reg Baker)

"Our emotions really can dominate and badly distort our predictions" (Jon Puleston)

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ACCE International Kellogg Canada Inc.
Ad Hoc Research Lumos Research
AIMIA Manulife
AskingCanadians Manulife Financial
Banque Nationale Mediabrands
BrandSpark International Millward Brown
CAA South Central Ontario MQO Research
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Mustel Research Group
Canadian Viewpoint Inc. Nielsen Opinion Quest
Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation
CIBC Client Experience Research Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design Inc.
CLS Lexi-Tech Research Now
Comwinco Consulting Social Data Research
Creative Research Designs Strategic Communications Inc.
Dine & Associates Inc. Survey Sampling International
element54 Sylvestre Marketing
Environics Research Group Limited The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)
Fresh Intelligence Research Corp. The Business Depot Ltd.
Fresh Squeezed Ideas The RIWI Corporation
Gadd Research Inc. The Strategic Counsel
Georgian College Threads Research and Consulting
GFK Canada TNS Canada
Giftbit Union Gas Limited
GlaxoSmithKline University of Toronto
Global Market Insite Inc. Vision Critical
Hotspex Inc. Yconic
Humber RAPP Yellow Pages Group